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Microscale Thermal and Power Management
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Markets: industrial

Thermal management technology applied to industrial applications runs the gamut from down-hole cooling of electronics for oil and gas exploration to test and measurement for semiconductor devices. Here the application is typically for high heat pumping devices that are frequently placed in harsh environments.

The use of thin-film TECs is ideal for these applications where space is severely limited. For test and measurement systems, we have the additional constraint of throughput time which can be enhanced by TECs having almost no mass and therefore very little self heating or cooling time associated with them.



OptoCooler UPF40 Module
The eTEC HV56 thermoelectric cooler is designed for high heat electronic applications.
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OptoCooler UPF4 Module
OptoCooler UPF4 - well suited for opto-electronics applications.
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eTEG HV56 Module
The eTEG HV56 high-voltage thermoelectric power generator delivers steady-state clean energy at very low temperature differentials.
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OptoCooler HV14 Module
The OptoCooler HV14 module is a RoHS-compliant, high voltage, low current thermoelectric cooler designed for commonly found board-level current and voltages.
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