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Microscale Thermal and Power Management
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The speed of high end microprocessors and graphical processors is limited by the on-chip temperatures that are developed during operation. For home desktop computing, a large heat sink and fan may be an adequate solution for the time being, but for server farms, unnecessarily pulling heat out of a CPU that does not affect its performance is a wasteful and expensive strategy. This additional heat finds its way into the building environment and must then be removed by the most expensive thermal management solution available: an air conditioning unit.

The most efficient thermal management system removes as much heat as much as possible at each level before passing the remaining heat onto the next level. Use of thin-film thermoelectrics introduces a fundamentally new methodology for capturing and channeling heat using thermal systems that can exhaust the heat directly outdoors, thus reducing the demands on cooling systems at the macro level. Thin-film TECs with their higher heat pumping capacity can be placed close the hot spot and pump just that heat which typically may be only 1-3 Watts.



eTEC HV56 Module
The eTEC HV56 thermoelectric cooler is designed for high heat electronic applications.
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OptoCooler UPF4 Module
OptoCooler UPF4 - well suited for opto-electronics applications.
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eTEG HV56 Module
The eTEG HV56 high-voltage thermoelectric power generator delivers steady-state clean energy at very low temperature differentials.
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OptoCooler HV14 Module
The OptoCooler HV14 module is a RoHS-compliant, high voltage, low current thermoelectric cooler designed for commonly found board-level current and voltages.
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